When you are ready to onboard your new hire, move this candidate to the "Onboard" column.

After onboarding, the candidate will get access to the Team Profile and can review their profile in comparison to the people they will be working with.

You can begin the onboarding process by reviewing the updated Team Profile with the new hire. This process gives you a structured introduction of the team's strengths, drivers, and working preferences. Read how to review the team profile here.

How can you use Wisnio for successful onboarding?

Go through the position requirements, competencies and key objectives you specified for the role. Discuss this with your new team member and point out areas where they have a unique strength in the team and areas they might need to improve to succeed in the role.

Use the job Objectives as a guideline and explain to the hire what you expect from them in the first month, three months, and twelve months. To make it more actionable, agree on specific goals and a timeline.

Open the new hire's team profile:

1) Check the competency map and discuss the strengths of different team members and where the new hire stands out.

2) View the personality traits to discuss how different team members tend to behave. Use the personality map to understand how the new hire tends to act and give some recommendations when needed. For example, if they seem to be very supportive, encourage them to stay true to their opinions because other team members might protect their position more aggressively.

3) Go over the core motivators on the values map to understand how to keep your new hire motivated. Explain what the team culture looks like and what other people value to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

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